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Selection Methods Tutorial

When using AutoCAD® you will need to sometimes select objects one at a time and sometimes select a group of objects. You will need to make sure that you only select the objects that you need to work on at that time. Thankfully, AutoCAD® provides multiple ways of selecting objects to meet these needs. Note that the AutoCAD selection methods video tutorial is a much more complete description of how the selection methods work.

The easiest way to select an object in AutoCAD is to simply click on it. This is called grip mode. You may select more than one object by simply clicking on more objects. To deselect all the objects, press the Escape key. To deselect one object, hold down the shift key while clicking on that object and it will be deselected.

AutoCAD® also provides ways of selecting more than one object at a time. To do this, click on the right side of the drawing area and move your cursor to the left side of the AutoCAD drawing area. You will see a box appear as you move the mouse. This is your selection box. Once you click on the left side of the drawing area, any object which is inside the box or that touches the box at any point will be selected. This method of selecting objects in AutoCAD® is called the right to left box.

Many times when using AutoCAD® you would like to select an object but not the surrounding objects. It can be difficult or impossible at times to create a selection box that only touches one or two objects. You can use a left to right box to be more precise with your selections. click on the left side of the drawing area and move your mouse to the right side of the drawing area. Make sure that at least one object is totally enclosed in the selection box. When you click again to finish the selection, only AutoCAD objects which are totally enclosed in this box will be selected. Any objects that touch this box but are not totally enclosed will not be selected. See our Selection Methods video tutorial for a demonstration of selection with AutoCAD®.

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