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Line Command Tutorial

To use the AutoCAD line command, first make sure that the draw toolbar is shown. Click the line command on the draw toolbar. (If you are unsure which icon this is, see our AutoCAD Tutorials Intro 1.) The command line will ask you to specify the first point. Click in the drawing area. Move the mouse to another place in the drawing area and click again. This will draw your first line. Move your mouse to another position in the drawing area and click again. This will draw another line, which is connected to the last point of your first line. You can continue making lines like this in AutoCAD® until you tell it to stop. To tell AutoCAD® to stop making lines, press the Enter key. If you would like to have your last line connect back to your first line (like if you wanted to make a closed box), then do not press the Enter key but right-click, then select Close. - Check out more in our video AutoCAD line tutorial.

To draw more complex shapes, see the tutorials for polygons, rectangles, and other drawing commands.