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Dimension Objects AutoCAD Tutorial

The dimension AutoCAD tutorial teaches how to show measurements of objects that you have created using AutoCAD®. The lesson covers the different dimension types as well as how to add text, change formatting, and modify the dimension. The Quick Dimension shows how to instantly add dimensions to multiple objects with a single click, the Quick Leader shows how to add a custom dimension, then use the Dimension Edit and Dimension Text Edit to modify aspects about created dimensions.

The AutoCAD Tutorial shows many types of dimensions. The linear dimension is either a vertical or horizontal dimension from two points or the length of a single object. The aligned dimension shows the distance between two points, but at the angle of the line created by those two points instead of horizontal or vertical. An ordinate dimension shows the position of a point relative to the origin. The radius dimension shows the radius of an object and the diameter dimension shows the diameter of an object. The angular dimension shows the angle between two given lines. Each of these are discussed in the Dimension AutoCAD Tutorial, but it goes on into detail about more advanced options for the dimensions and a few tips on using general AutoCAD commands.

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