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Video AutoCAD Tutorials

Introduction and Beginning Tutorials
These beginner tutorials will bring you up to speed on the AutoCAD basics and terminology. If you have never used AutoCAD® before, you will need to begin here before moving on to more advanced tutorials.
Drawing Construction Commands
These tutorials teach the basic shapes and commands to begin a drawing. There are videos of lines, circles, polygons, and even hatches to better illustrate an AutoCAD drawing.
AutoCAD Modify Commands
These commands allow you to work with your drawings to make something useful out of lines and circles. The videos also touch on colors, dimensioning objects, and layers.
AutoCAD Exercises
Put to work what you've already learned in the above tutorials to make some real drawings. A 3D video AutoCAD tutorial is also included.
Advanced AutoCAD Tutorials
Work with some more complicated 3D objects, calculate some information about a 3D object, extract 2D sections of 3D objects, etc.

Check out the free AutoCAD Tutorials Introduction and our Welding Symbols Reference.

See the AutoCAD 3D Solid Intro. No signup required! Create 3D solids, shade, fillet, shell, and even 3D orbit. This is an excellent lesson to get started with 3D in AutoCAD®

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